Welcome to the House of Churchill!!  We're a brand new luxury children's clothing line, tying fashion to compassion. For each dress we sell, we will be donating one to a needy little girl. More styles to come soon, including tops, skirts, and matching bow ties for boys!!

House of Churchill is a lively little world where
black & white stripes, vibrant pink peonies,
and plush chocolate corduroy
are all very best friends.

It's a place where
pearls and diamonds tie the race,
form marries function,
and fairies marry robots.

It's a place where
whimsy transcends predictability,
and imagination is a respected reality.

Come! Join in the assortment of fun
that is House of Churchill.
Experience the unique harmony that's
achieved when avant-garde mingles
with time honored classics.

House of Churchill is a chance for little girls to truly
shine like suns over their own little
worlds of deliciousness!!